Alvéo: A Unifying Concept in Your Image

With its 56 co-ownership stacked townhouses built in five phases, Alvéo offers a very attractive and modern concept. As stated by Roxane Jasmin of DKA Architectes, “we believe that the use of sleek geometric shapes and simple materials as well as the avoidance of decorative elements contributes to the development of an architecture that is both sound and modern.”

By favouring present-day materials and colours such as pre-painted charcoal grey aluminum fascia and membrane and wood colour, charcoal grey, white or red pre-painted aluminum siding, the design team has managed to impart to the project a warm and cohesive offering.

Every unit features 2 or 3 bedrooms on the top floor with a bathroom which includes a ceramic-tiled shower and a freestanding bathtub. The well-lit ground floor consists of an open concept with magnificent areas including a contemporary kitchen with an extended island. The imposing concrete and light steel terrace at the back, measuring up to 20 ft. x 20 ft. is suitable as an area in which to serve meals and relax. There is a parking space in front, in addition to the garage at the back of the building.

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