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With nearly 30 years experience, Jean-François Dussault, chartered real estate broker and head of Hyperia, an agency he founded, fully endorses the Alvéo project.

According to him, “it is a beautiful project, quite innovative for this area. There is great demand at this time and Alvéo is ideal.”
He notes that there a few products which offer such a hybrid solution, blending a condo with an individual home. With the potential of attracting new buyers with Alvéo’s great price-quality ratio, the project’s 56 townhouses will, in his opinion, also interest existing homeowners seeking to downsize and simplify their current lifestyle.
“In essence, buyers will average between 35 and 60 years of age. This concept will be completely suitable for those who like to be near everything while enjoying a quiet living environment.” He brings up the direct relationship between the natural surroundings and the fact that Mirabel is experiencing great activity.
“Realty taxes are among the lowest around. There is quite a diversified supply of things to do and it is possible to find a great deal of ways to pass the time,” he says.
With a focus on customer service as well as a cooperative relationship based on trust and transparency Jean-François Dussault enjoys assisting his clients in their decision-making process.
“Trust and transparency are the characteristics on which I want to focus. Meeting people’s expectations, finding solutions and being a part of the entire process are all a part of our approach.”
Displaying both charm and friendliness, he will be happy to meet you in his office or at your home, at your convenience.

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